Friday, 1 January 2016

Orsen Shield Official Website Launched!

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Why your Car Must be Protected by Orsen Shield?

We all love the development in our country and we are very grateful and thankful that government is improving the infrastructure of the country with the implementation new MRT and BRT systems so that future generation will be able to lead more convenient lives.

Now with development and construction executed at every corner of the country, construction materials and debris may threaten the safety of drivers. Foreign objects and potholes caused by constructions may also damage our cars, and we as a car lovers absolutely don’t want it to damage the heart (engine bay) of our car from the car under chassis as it contains a lot of critical and expensive components such as critical electronic components, engine oil box, gear oil box, oil filter and all that which simply cost thousands of ringgit of maintenance fee when they are damaged.

Not only that, everyone hopes to have an absolutely pleasant and safe journey every time we travel on the road but unforeseen circumstances might still occur. High levels of accumulated water on the road after heavy rain will make us feel extremely insecure and worst come to worst, it could potentially cause our car to break down. Accumulation of dust, mud, and foul water in engine cabin from the road will lead to corrosion in engine cabin and result increase heavy maintenance cost.

This is where Orsen Shield comes to the rescue! With the best solution for car undercarriage protection, you will definitely feel secure and safe when you are on the road. While protecting your car, Orsen Shield also prevents thousands of dollars of maintenance cost as we know heavy car maintenance cost matters to you.

Orsen Shield is now proven with performances benefits! At Orsen Shield, we understand car lovers like you pursue not only protection and safety but also comfort with performance. Lets us have a better understanding and picture of the amazing Orsen Shield!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Customer feedback- The Proven Benefits and Value of Orsen Shield

Perfect Protection for your Car Undercarriage.
Prevent Thousand Dollar$ of Maintenance Fee.  
Proven Fuel Saving. 
Had Given an Extraordinary Value to Orsen Shield and make it a Brilliant Choice for you!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Latest Model PERFECT FIT !

Latest Nissan Almera's car undercarriage look complete and PERFECT FIT with Orsen Shield!  (1-8-2013)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

ORSEN Latest Developed Car Undercarriage Skid Plate Model !

ORSEN had developed the latest Car Undercarriage Protection Skid Plate model and start launching these particular car type below !

 TOYOTA VIOS and Yaris 07' - 12'

With ORSEN UnderArmour Protection Skid Plate,
Honda CRV 2013,

 Nissa Almera 2012, abv

Suzuki Swift,

Don't hesitate to get your car's undercarriage protected today and enjoy the Orsen Skid Plate's benefits!
* Kindly enquire for the Special Trial and Early Bird price!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


ORSEN SHIELD Safety with Performance

Just as you would put on shoes to protect the soles of  your feet. Your car needs the ORSEN SHIELD  to protect critical components of your car.

Proudly present to you,
Orsen Shield Under Armour Protection !

After two years of development, ORSEN SHIELD are now available for most car type and customized specially to fit the model of your car!

Orsen Shield description:
Prevent Thousands of Dollar$ Of Expensive Repair To Your Car
Benefits and Value of  Orsen Shield
1.Car Undercarriage Protection
~Orsen Shield ensure your car’s undercarriage such as engine,engine oil box, gear box, oil filtur box be protected while driving on the road with bad condition.

2.Fit for you car's undercarriage
~Orsen Shield prevents corrosion by keeping dirt, mud, water ,stone and sand from the engine compartment.

3.Emphasize on Safety
~Ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers.When accident and serious collision happen, Orsen shield and the engine will drop automatically,prevent engine enter to the car cabin.

4.Made by Latest High Tech Durable Polymers
~This high tech material making Orsen Shield Tough yet Light, Heat Resistance and able to stand heavy impact! Protect your car’s undercarriage effectively and energy efficiency.

5.Reduce the aerodynamic drag,Comfort Driving,Fuel Saving
~The design of every Orsen Shield facilitate with air intake and air outlet,it reduce the aerodynamic drag and smoother the wind flow while driving high speed on the highway, it help in cooling system and achieve comfort driving and fuel saving!

6.Easy installation
~No modify ,no extra works.

Have a better understanding for Orsen Shield by watching this Orsen Under Armour Protection video!

Service Provided:
1.We help in installation.We will arrange the most convenient workshop for you according to which area you prefer.

2.Guideline installation are provided.

3.We emphasize on Customer service and Customer Satisfaction.

~For further and more detailed information,please do contact with us!~

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Orsen Shield Analysis and Installation- Before and After !

 Analysis of Orsen Skid Plate

1. Orsen Skid Plate were made by Latest High Tech Durable Polymer, this material were Heat Resistance and it made Orsen Shield TOUGH yet Light and can stand heavy Impact! Make sure your car's undercarriage be protected and fuel efficiency.

2. Orsen Skid Plate Facilitate with Aerodynamics Air Intake and Aerodynamics Air Outletit reduce the aerodynamic drag and smoother the wind flow while driving high speed, its help in cooling system and achieve driving in quiet comfort and fuel saving.

3. Orsen Skid Plate Facilitate with Oil Filter Door,Motor Oil Door and Gear Oil Door, convenience to remove while doing maintenance or car servicing. 

4. Orsen Skid Plare Facilitate with Bold and Nut hole, Special bolt nut provided, Easy Installation .No modified and extra work needed.

Orsen Shield Installation- Before and After

Feed back is positive and good as well ! There are a lot of real life experience proofed that Orsen Skid Plate can protect your cars' undercarriage effectively !  Prevent Thousands of Dollar$ Of Expensive Repair To Your Car and Fuel Saving!

Lets experienced it and get our cars' undercarriage be protected today!

For further information,most welcome to contact us!